Nine Inch Nails versus Bauhaus Radio Sessions 2006
Lors de la 2e partie de la tournée With Teeth, Trent a donné 5 mini concerts radio en duo depuis les backstages

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7 Juin 2006 Live sur la radio 99X Depuis le backstage du hi-fi buys amphitheatre à Atlanta GA

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01 - Intro 99X.mp3
02 - Head like an hole (Originally by Nine Inch Nails).mp3
03 - Sanity assassin (Originally by Bauhaus).mp3
04 - Hurt (Originally by Nine Inch Nails).mp3
05 - Outro 99X.mp3

13 Juin 2006 Live sur la radio DC101 Depuis le backstage du Nissan Pavillon à Washington DC Avec TV on the radio

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06 - Intro DC101.mp3
07 - Dreams (Originally by TV on the radio).mp3
08 - Final Solution (Originally by Pere Ubu).mp3
09 - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Originally by Bauhaus).mp3

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23 Juin 2006 Live sur la radio WAAF Depuis le backstage du Tweeter Center à Boston MA Avec Jeordie White et Atticus Ross

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10 - Intro WAAF.mp3
11 - Reptile (Originally by Nine Inch Nails).mp3
12 - Warm Leatherette (Originally by The Normal).mp3
13 - Strange Kind Of Love (Originally by Peter Murphy).mp3
14 - Night Clubbing (Originally by Iggy Pop).mp3
15 - Outro WAAF.mp3

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1 Juillet 2006 Live sur la radio Q101 Depuis le backstage du First Midwest bank Amphitheatre à Chicago IL

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16 - Interview Q101.mp3
17 - Dead Souls (originally by Joy Division).mp3
18 - Twenty Four Hours (originally by Joy Division).mp3
19 - Warsaw (originally by Joy Division).mp3
20 - Atmosphere (originally by Joy Division).mp3

8 Juillet 2006 Live sur la radio KITS Depuis le backstage du Shoreline Amphitheatre à Mountain View CA

KITS Live105

105: “On the line with my buddy, Trent Reznor. Trent, where are you calling from?

TR: “My home in Los Angeles.

105: “Okay, what room are you in?”

TR: “Kind of in my office with my feet…my bare feet, hanging out the window, looking out onto the street”

105: “and…”

TR: “In my underwear”

105: “Are you really in your underwear right now?”

TR: “As a matter of fact, I am”

105: “You know, what a coincidence, because I’m wearing underwear too.”

TR: “Really? But is that all you’re wearing?”

105: “No. I’m wearing a lot of other things”

TR: “There’s the difference”

105: “That is a big one. So, before we actually get into the meat of this thing, let me ask you, I know you’ve been on tour for a really long time now, and you’ve done a ton of interviews. What is the question where you’re rolling your eyes, you’re like “Not one more time””

TR: “Uh, there was a time when I would have probably rolled my eyes at the -sighs- “what was it like having Johnny Cash cover your song” question, cause I’ve probably answered it…six thousand times?”

105: “Oh no! Cause that was my first question!”

TR: “I knew it, see?”

105: “Just kidding”

TR: “But also “hey where did the name come from?” That one has haunted me since 1989”

105: “People actually ask you that?”

TR: “They do.”

105: “I know that, you know, you have done a ton of press around the whole sobriety issue."

TR: “Right”

105: “And my only question about that is, uh, because you know, the whole touring thing is such a circus. There’s so much crazy stuff that goes on backstage, after the show, on the road, the whole nine yards. So from a sober standpoint, what does that look like to you now, that circus?”

TR: “Well, it’s a totally different perspective this time around, as you can imagine. And you know, I think that the first couple months of being on the road, it was me kind of figuring out a new thing to do. I planned and really kind of thought through a lot of situations, tried to put myself in the safest possible situation. I have no desire to return to that life. And, this would be the first time I’ve been out in the environment touring in a sober situation. So I really tried to put up as many roadblocks and things to keep me in a safe place. And, they all working until, I think the night of the first show, about midnight, I’m sitting back in my hotel room thinking “Hey I did it! Now what am I going to do?!” So, I can hear everyone having fun a couple floors down in the bar, and I hadn’t really thought about how I would feel, initially feel like I’m missing out on something. And then, a couple times it popped into my head during these situations and I realized that I’m really not missing anything. I’m a different person now. I have a different agenda, different things that motivate me, inspire me, and really help me to define who I am now.”

105: “Right, exactly. Is it isolating, though? A little bit?”

TR: “At first, yeah. It was isolating, because that was my way of dealing with things, to get mad at those people, and feel sorry for myself, and feel like I can’t do anymore. And then quickly I found, well I’ve got a lot more time on my hands and my brain works a lot clearer and I enjoy writing and I enjoy thinking and you know, I’ve written a new album in the meantime. It was just a matter of me finding a new routine, a new definition of who I am on the road. And that came, and now I really don’t think about it that much anymore. It feels normal to be how I am now.”

105: “Congratulations”

TR: “Thanks”

105: “So, in terms of writing, I know that for With Teeth, you forced yourself to sit down and write, like two songs a day. Is that about right?”

TR: “Uh, not two songs a day, but I got two finished a week was about what it came out to.”

105: “How did you do that?”

TR: “Just discipline, really”

105: “Well, in terms of discipline, don’t you get blocked though? Do you ever get blocked?”

TR: “Yeah, I used to think I was blocked all the time. But, I’ve realized that blocks are really just fear. You know, and writing for me is probably the hardest thing for me next to being sober, getting sober. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do, because it never gets easy, and it’s always challenging, and I’ve set the bar high. It’s a tough thing. And when you sit down at an empty page, you’re often faces with “Oh these ideas aren’t that best thing, or this isn’t the best song ever written, or that isn’t the greatest line. But, I’ve realized that it’s not going to be that way. You sit down, and it might suck, but I’m going to write it anyway.”

105: “So, you’re allowing yourself to not quite be the perfectionist when it comes to the words on the page?”

TR: “Well, not at the initial spark of creativity. If things aren’t great, they’ll be edited out later.”

105: “In terms of your visual art, and I saw you guys when you came around Oakland last time, I think it was in the fall; the visual aspect to the show is stunning. I mean, it is unbelievable. And as I was collecting my thoughts today about what I was going to talk to you about, I felt that I believed that you had captured the beauty of decay. Does that ring true for you, in terms of the visual aspect of your show?”

TR: “Well, first off, thank you for that complement, and just a word on how I approach a live show. I think the show that we have now, which is a different one than the one you saw is even several notches up from that”

105: “Alright, let me ask you, what is your favourite piece of art in your house, and what room is it in?”

TR: “The room I’m in right now has a Joel Peter Witkin photograph that David Bowie got me as a present when we toured together”

105: “What is it a picture of?”

TR: “Um, let’s see. A fetus in a jar with some kind of -laughs- elephant mannish-looking fetus next to it”

105: “You know, we’ve got a paper weight in the studio just like that”

TR: “It’s just a little pleasant something to glance over at”

105: “Let’s do something called the lightning round, shall we, where you just pick what you prefer, okay, ready?”

TR: “A little nervous, but okay”

105: “Nothing to be nervous about. Dogs or cats?”

TR: “Dogs”

105: “Cake or pie?”

TR: “-sigh- Cake.”

105: “Control or chaos?”

TR: “Chaos”

105: “Church or a big blue sky?”

TR: “Sky”

105: “Final Cut Pro or Avid?”

TR: “Final Cut”

105: “Studio or live?”

TR: "-wild gorilla noise- I can’t say both? Studio!”

105: “Chemical bliss or stale reality?”

TR: “Stale reality”

105: “Sex or art? And you can’t say both!”

TR: “They’re kinda the same thing, right?”

105: “God or the perfect note?”

TR: “God”

105: “Radio interviews or passing a large jaggedy kidney stone?”

TR: “-laughs- Radio interviews, of course!”

105: “Thank you for saying that. Trent Reznor, tomorrow night with Nine Inch Nails, Shoreline Amphitheatre.”

TR: “Yeah, this is the very last show of the tour, and it’s the last show we have booked indefinitely for awhile”

105: “And then what are you gonna do right after the tour?”

TR: “I’m actually going to go right back into the studio and finish a new album”

105: “Oh, yay! Trent, it has been a pleasure. Thank you so much for calling in”

TR: “I’m glad to be here, thank you”

105: “Alright, and I hope you keep your feet out that window for a good long time this morning”

TR: “Alright”